Out in the Community – Hillcrest Bowling Club

Hillcrest Pharmacy is proud to sponsor the local bowling club, some would say the heart of Hillcrest community. Hillcrest bowling club is one of the largest left in Hamilton consisting of 2 greens and a massive club room for the all-important scones and pies after the matches.

The tournament on Wednesday 14th of September was no exception of how well loved this club is. We were lucky enough to sneak away from the pharmacy for a few minutes and see all the lovely folk on the green. The green was packed with a total of 24 teams playing and the weather could not have put on a better day for them all.

Bowling is not only a great social event but also a fantastic way to keep active, with both of these helping to keep you in good health. So if you have ever thought about giving bowling a go we highly recommend heading over to the Hillcrest Bowling Club you will definitely find yourself in great company!

Photos from the tournament and Tom handing over the cheque to the club president Mr Kerry Margan

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