• EGO SOOV Burn Spray 200ml

EGO SOOV Burn Spray 200ml

$17.99 NZD

Soov Burn Spray gives fast relief from the pain of sunburn, minor burns, cuts and grazes. The formula contains a local anaesthetic to relieve pain as well as an antiseptic to protect the skin against infection. Soov Burn provides a lasting, cooling effect and the gentle spray application will not further irritate sore skin.

Lignocaine hydrochloride 2%w/w, Cetrimide 0.25% w/w, phenoxyethanol as preservative.

Push safety guard down to neck of bottle (replace when not in use). For minor burns apply cold water first. Hold bottle 10cm from affected area and spray until skin is wet. Apply up to 4 times daily. For treating the face, spray onto fingers and then apply gently.

Avoid eyes.
For external use only.
If irritation occurs stop use immediately and seek medical advice.
Do not use on children under 2 years.
Not suitable for use on deep wounds or serious burns.
Seek medical advice for the treatment of more serious burns.

Additional Information:
Douglas Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Auckland

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