• MOZZIGEAR Mosquito Band Kid 6pk

MOZZIGEAR Mosquito Band Kid 6pk

$26.99 NZD

Mosquito Band is a slow-release insect repellent containing a natural citronella oil that repels mosquitoes and insects, including sandflies, midges, and flies. The repellent is contained in a silicone band that is highly durable, waterproof and convenient to use.

Mosquito Band is suitable for camping, fishing, picnics, gardening, golf, cricket, barbecues and outdoor activities where a mosquito or insect repellent is necessary.

Do not wear bands on ankles or legs.

Directions for use:

Remove the band from the individual packaging to release the citronella-scented fragranced band. Wear on the wrists to repel mosquitoes and insects.

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