• VIRATAC Cold Sore Cream 5% 5g +L/Balm

VIRATAC Cold Sore Cream 5% 5g +L/Balm

$16.99 NZD

Viratac Cold Sore Cream is for the treatment of cold sores. Apply cream when the first symptoms (tingling, itching, or burning sensation) are noticed.

Aciclovir BP 5% w/w

Apply 5 times a day for 5 to 7 days to the affected site.

Wash hands before and after touching cold sores.
Do not share your towel or drinking vessel. 
Avoid kissing.
Consult your doctor if the cold sores persists beyond 7 days.
Do not refrigerate.

Additional Information:
Multichem Nz Ltd, Auckland

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