Out in the community: Independent Living Centre – Hillcrest High School

Hillcrest Pharmacy is proud to be able to sponsor the Independent Living Centre at Hillcrest High School. This centre supports students at Hillcrest High School aged between 13 and 20 who have significant intellectual disabilities.

This centre spend considerable time on developing self care, social and independent skills. Through fundraising the kids area able to practice these skills on the 2 camps each year. This allows opportunities to focus on important daily living skills.

Alongside the ILC also has an outstanding Performing Arts Programme where they hold an annual concert. This year’s concert is “Out of Africa” and is on Thursday 13th of October and is one part of the fundraising effort. Not only will it b a 2-hour show extravaganza but there will also be raffles for some amazing prizes donated from the community. If you want to RSVP to this amazing show get in touch on 07 857 0297 ext 846.

We were lucky enough to get two of these amazing kids Aaron and Darya in to receive a cheque and prize gift basket from the Hillcrest Healthcare Pharmacy owner Tom. We wish you all the best of luck for Thursday, keep up the great work!

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