Regulr – an app to make coffee even easier

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We are excited to introduce Regulr as a new way to improve your experience at Remadee café! This is an exciting app used to order and run a tab at Remadee cafe, and will allow you to skip the queue when you need coffee most!

Simple download the app, order your favourite beverage or treat and it will be ready for you when you come to pick it up! With a fully customisable menu, you are able to get your drink just the way you like it. We also have a selection of sweet and savoury treats available through the app for you to order. Make sure to put any special instructions for us in the notes section, like what time you want to pick it up, and we will have it piping hot waiting for you.

Pay one transaction per week and avoid any pesky daily transaction fees, as well as any queues. Removing time ordering and paying is a perfect way to fit that coffee fix into your busy day!

We will still be handing out Goody points, just like we would with any normal purchase; in fact Regulr users will get bonus points every time they use the app!

Find Regulr in your app store or click here to download it and get started today!

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