Protect your nails and help them grow with IBX!

IBX is the first treatment of its kind. This penetrative toughening system works inside the nail. The application process is designed for ultimate penetration into the nail plate using three steps, apply like polish and penetrate into the nail with heat, blot the excess and then cure with an LED light.

Love getting a gel polish? IBX is gel polish’s best friend, simultaneously toughening the natural nail and protecting against frequent removal. Especially for continuous wear IBX offers the level of strength and safety your natural nails deserve.

IBX can be used to:

  • Treat thin, weak, damaged nails
  • Repair delaminated and peeling free edges
  • Toughen natural nails, helping them to grow
  • Improve the colour and appearance of natural nails
  • Can be used as a protective shield under gel polish or nail enhancements

Discover the difference and get those gorgeous healthy nails you have always dreamt of.

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