The Vision of Remadee - Changing the face of Retail Pharmacy

Hillcrest, Hamilton is now home to the first Remadee Retail Lounge and Café. An oasis where you can relax, unwind and rejuvenate while you acquire your health and beauty needs, utilising every moment of your precious time.



The concept of Remadee Retail Lounge and Café was developed by Hillcrest Healthcare Pharmacy owner Tom Bennett. After spending 20 years in the pharmacy industry he clearly identified retail customers pain points and developed the perfect Remadee to solve them. As such Remadee Retail Lounge and Café was born, an environment to help you relax and feel like you are at home. From uncluttered retail areas, multiple comfortable lounge areas, barista made coffee and a day spa for you to squeeze some much needed pampering into your busy day. Remadee has been entirely designed with your comfort in mind and as a result, has created a one-stop shop for your health and beauty needs.

Having Hillcrest Healthcare Pharmacy situated within the Remadee Retail Lounge and Cafe gives the pharmacy the opportunity to provide a service model unlike any other. The service model of Hillcrest Healthcare Pharmacy is to provide everyone with a personalised treatment plan. This is achieved by having highly trained pharmacy assistants, medical herbalist, pharmacy technicians and clinical pharmacists on the floor to discuss with you what your needs are and formulate the best method of treatment for you. To support this and the comfort of the customers there are 3 large consult rooms ensuring privacy and comfort are achieved. Alongside this the clinical team provide many additional services to help improve the health of the community. These include consultation services around smoking cessation, gout, warfarin, antidepressants, emergency contraceptive, urinary tract infections, conjunctivitis, along with certain immunisations and throat swabs to help prevent rheumatic fever.

Health is about overall wellness, Remadee Retail Lounge and Café understands this and illustrates this throughout each aspect. Remadee Café has partnered up with exceptional local suppliers to ensure the highest quality of coffee and food. Delivering daily fresh contemporary cabinet food made with quality seasonal ingredients served with freshly roasted coffee. Enabling customers to refuel. In addition, the Day Spa allows customers to have much needed ‘me-time’ in the form pampering, making them feel relaxed and recharged. Utilising every moment of your precious time all whilst enhancing your overall wellbeing, it is the perfect Remadee.

It really is something quite special to walk through from Hillcrest Medical Centre and to be greeted with the smell of freshly roasted coffee and a smile from one of the friendly staff members. The vision for Remadee Retail Lounge and Café and Hillcrest Healthcare Pharmacy is for people to leave feeling better than when they arrived. From what we can see that is definitely the case. Pop in, grab a coffee and check out the newest face to Retail Pharmacy you will love the change.

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