Hosanna Honey - A sweet story

Here at Remadee we are always on the lookout for products that we think fit our values of putting people first and going the extra mile; and Hosanna Honey Co does exactly that. Not only is the honey well recognised to have health benefits, it tastes incredible and every purchase helps people to help people. Hosanna Honey is a company founded by good sorts – William and Debbie Anderton – and they are using their practical skills to improve the quality of life for their community, as well as producing a high-quality product. This is their story:

“Our names are William and Debbie Anderton, we have four strapping sons, Luke, Zach, Blake and Cooper.

Back in 2014, we were in the building industry and had a contract to work on my husband's family marae up North in the Hokianga.  While we were there, we experienced many highs and lows.  Our eyes were opened to the many hardships that rural communities face in New Zealand and the struggles around employment and housing in particular.  This weighed very heavy on our hearts and we recognised an opportunity in beekeeping to give people a hand-up and not a hand-out.  From here, we started the beginning of Hosanna Honey Co. with the dream and hope of one day being able to return to these communities to offer opportunities to predominantly Maori communities, who would otherwise have very few.

We are now 5 years down the track and have a small family run business of currently 450 hives, based in and around the Coromandel Peninsula, producing unique honeys from this region.  We have many apiary sites, in stunning, remote locations.  This year's distinct flavour is from the native Hinau, Kamahi and Rewarewa trees. We experienced a 'mast' this season, which produced an abundance of flowering.   In turn, this produced a great harvest of Coastal Honey.  We are very proud of our product and enjoy sharing our spectacular honey with people, who are coming to enjoy the distinctive characters of our raw honeys.  We do not heat or pasteurise our honey above 40 degrees, this ensures the honey retains all its natural goodness.  Our honey is tested for tutin by approved laboratories.  You can be sure that our honey is safe.

This year, we undertook our first community project up North in the Hokianga.  We were able to replace a rotting, derelict old kitchen, with a new kitchen and a new water filtration system.  The condition of the original kitchen was very unsanitary and unsafe for the lovely elderly occupant.  The tap water in this community is untreated and unsafe to drink.   We were very humbled and glad that we could make a difference, even for just one person. We look forward to, in the near future, upgrading her bathroom and septic system, as she currently showers in an outside shed.

Although this is just a small start, it is the beginning of our dream of one day using our practical gifting, and our resources to make a difference in people's lives.”

 Products are available in the Remadee cafe - come in and ask for a taste!





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