Plastic Free July

Hillcrest Healthcare Pharmacy supports the phase out of single use plastic bags, and so, as of July 1st, we have stopped using them.

The nationwide ban on single use plastic bags is labelled as a step towards healthier oceans and maintaining our clean, green reputation, and we are excited to be a small but important part of this step. We would love to encourage you to bring your own reusable bags when you visit us, as it is an amazing way to help local businesses and markets.

In addition to this change, Hillcrest Pharmacy and Remadee also stock a range of products that offer solutions to common waste traps – such as disposable or single use items that we all use daily.

Our most popular item is our Think Cups -  reusable glass coffee cups. Coming in 2 sizes and a variety of colours, these Think Cups are helping us to reduce the amount of waste generated by disposable coffee cups. Remember to bring your Think Cup into our café for a discount on your coffee!

In case you left your reusable bag at home, we’ve got you covered! We supply some reusable bag options so you can choose as best suited to your lifestyle, such as a mesh produce bag or a fold-out eco bag. As we no longer provide single use plastic bags, one of these reusable ones may help stop the juggle all of getting your items out to the car!

A few other innovative products we sell include organic vegan food wraps, and BPA free reusable drink bottles that can be used for hot or cold drinks. The food wraps are made of organic cotton and NZ Manuka oil, and are an effective way to preserve your foods, all the while minimising waste. Our high-quality drink bottles offer an alternative to disposable plastic water bottles, and you can fill them up with cool water right here in the pharmacy.

Thank you to everyone who supports Plastic Free July with us!


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