Tron Rocks - Remadee Easter Hunt

Easter is right around the corner so it is the perfect time for a little Easter rock hunt. If you are yet to hear of 'Tron Rocks' you must be living under a rock (pun intended, but seriously check it out on Facebook We love the whole concept of getting kids back out into the parks hunting for these rocks so of course we had to get involved.

Our little Easter Bunny has been kind enough to paint a handful of Remadee rocks and hide them around Hillcrest (the photos may give you some hints). Not only has the Easter Bunny painted rocks but has also left little Easter Goodie Bags at Hillcrest Pharmacy for everyone that brings in a Remadee rock. So off you go, find these little Remadee rocks, bring them into Hillcrest Pharmacy and your Easter Bag filled with treats will be waiting for you. See you soon!

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